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3 Different Ways Solar Energy can be Used in Homes

Residential Solar PanelsWith rising electricity costs being a concern these days, solar powered electricity is the best cost-saving alternative. Trifecta Solar makes residential solar panels easily available to you. We are known for providing outstanding service and hassle-free installation, thus making it easier for you to generate your own electricity at an affordable price. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable and thorough professionals who understand that every house is different and their requirements may vary. Customer satisfaction is their biggest reward, so they are always available whenever you have a question about the operation of your system. Since our panels do not have any moving parts, maintaining them is simple and easy. Also, these panels do not need regular cleaning; you can just have them installed and then forget about them. Our efficient crew will install the panels at such an angle that even the occasional snowstorms, that Pennsylvania is known for, won’t hamper your solar power production.

Below we have mentioned 3 different ways you can use solar energy. Take a look.

  1. Heating your swimming pools
    You can install a solar water heating system which collects the sun’s heat and transmits them to the water through a series of tubes. The water is circulated from the pool to these heating panels and back to the pool, thus warming it up.
  2. Charging batteries with solar power
    Most batteries use DC current, thus they can be charged with photoelectric panel system. Our solar panel kits allow you to charge your cell-phones, i-pads, and laptops. In case you need an AC current, adding a simple inverter will convert the current from DC to AC.
  3. Solar energy for cooking
    As opposed to the general belief, cooking with solar energy is very easy. The basic idea is to take an aluminum container or any other pan lined with foil, to focus the sun’s rays into the cooking chamber. This is an easy, cheaper and non-polluting method of cooking.

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