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2 Major Reasons Why Everyone Should Shift to Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Harrisburg, PASolar power has been around for decades now. Still, many people are not sure about solar energy's advantages or the economic and social benefits that come along with using solar energy. Trifecta Solar, offers you solar energy systems that lock your electric rates for years to come. Our founder, Elam Beiler, has gathered vast experience and knowledge by working in a solar energy business as a solar panel installer. Using this knowledge, he started his own business in 2015 and gradually made it one of the top companies in the solar industry in a very short span of time. Trifecta Solar has the know-how to calculate your average energy consumption by analyzing your past electric bills, and accordingly allot the type of solar panel that would suit your electricity usage. Though solar power systems are largely maintenance-free, our helpful staff will always be there for you in case you have any query after the installation. We have our offices in the regions of Berks County, Harrisburg, King of Prussia PA, Lancaster, and York PA.

Below we have mentioned 2 reasons why people should shift to using solar energy:

  1. Low maintenance and running cost
    Once the system is installed, the generation of power is free throughout the life of the system. Thus there is no running cost. Also since there are no moving parts in the panels, there’s hardly any wear and tear. Hence these systems run as long as 30 to 32 years with very low maintenance.
  2. Does not contribute to global warming
    Since there are no carbon dioxide emissions, there are no toxins released in the environment. Also using solar power does not involve any risk like chemical leaks or explosions. The carbon footprint of solar panels is almost negligible. All these make solar energy the safest source of renewable energy.

So, get in touch with us today to have your solar panels customized and installed safely.