Residential Solar Panels, Home Solar Systems and Solar Installation from Lancaster's Best Solar Panel Companies

Renewable EnergyIf you’re considering residential solar panels or complete home solar systems for your Lancaster home, turn to Trifecta Solar. Founded by a Lancaster County native, Trifecta Solar has taken its place as one of the top solar panel companies in the greater Lancaster area.

Residential Solar Panels

The residential solar panels that top the roofs of homes throughout Lancaster bring the benefits of solar energy to many of your neighbors. You can take advantage of that same renewable solar energy for your own Lancaster home.

The knowledgeable crew at Trifecta Solar has the expertise and experience to install efficient, energy-generating residential solar panels. From Mill Creek to Cabbage Hill, Manor Ridge to Eden Manor, Trifecta Solar will help you choose the perfect residential solar panels for your home. These panels will provide many years of low-maintenance, high-efficiency energy generation.

Solar Energy

Home solar systems can include more than just residential solar panels. Count on Trifecta Solar to find other practical solar energy applications for your Lancaster home.

If you have a swimming pool, Trifecta Solar can supply a thermal solar heater to keep your water comfortably warm. Solar-powered attic fans can cool your attic space using renewable solar energy.

Make a solar hot water heater part of your home solar system from Trifecta Solar. Convert the natural heat of the sun into hot water for washing and bathing in your Lancaster home.

Best Solar Panel Companies in Lancaster

Lancaster residents want high-quality residential solar panels and home solar systems—and they know that not all solar panel companies were created equal. That’s why so many Lancaster area homeowners rely on Trifecta Solar for all their solar energy needs.

Trifecta Solar is proud to serve the citizens of Lancaster, an historic Pennsylvania town that predates the United States. Nowadays, Lancaster is known as the “Spanish Rose”—largely for its significant Puerto Rican population, and as a nod to the red rose of the English royal House of Lancaster. Its north-south streets, named for royalty, remind visitors of colonial times, as do the poetically named Conestoga Woods and Conestoga Pines Park.

Lancaster is home to Franklin & Marshall College, which was established in 1787 but continues to move forward with cutting-edge courses in subjects like neuroscience, molecular biology, and bioinformatics—a field that blends chemistry, computer science, biology, and applied mathematics. Just like Franklin & Marshall, Lancaster is a blend of the old and new.

History and heritage are cherished in Lancaster, even as the city looks ever onward to the latest innovations. Trifecta Solar offers Lancaster homeowners the most modern home solar systems, helping them harness renewable solar energy to preserve the beauty of the rural Pennsylvania countryside that surrounds Lancaster.

For the most high-tech residential solar panels and other state-of-the-art solar energy solutions from the leader among Lancaster’s solar panel companies, call Trifecta Solar today at (717) 314-9821.