Commercial Solar Panels and Solar Companies in Lancaster, King of Prussia PA, York PA, Harrisburg, Berks County and Surrounding Areas

Solar panels for business make great senseā€¦and dollars. Imagine how much better your bottom line would look with an electric bill of $0 or even $100. With a solar energy management system at work, you may actually look forward to the arrival of your electric bill, and the sooner you start investigating commercial solar panels, the sooner you can start enjoying the rewards that they deliver.

As with a residential system, a solar electric system for your commercial operation offers many benefits. And, because a commercial establishment will almost always use much more electricity than a home, the incentives are much greater. Commercial establishments also have the potential advantage of a having a much larger roof space than a house, so you may be able to install a much larger system than you can at your home.

Green Business

Because of the growing awareness of environmental issues, identifying your business as environmentally conscious can give you a competitive advantage, and installing a solar electric system is a highly visible way to brand yourself in a positive way. You might even have an Open House to invite people in to see your system in "action", although there's really not much action to see since a solar system doesn't have any moving parts. Still, the equipment and the technology are impressive, and they will make a positive statement about your business.

Minimal Maintenance

Install it and forget it. That's what owners of solar electric systems are generally able to do. Because the system has no moving parts, it's essentially maintenance free. Most of the time, it's not necessary to clean solar panels, and most warranties do not require regular cleanings.

Oh, Snow

One common concern in Pennsylvania is the effect that snow will have on a solar electric system. Obviously, when snow covers the panels, they can't produce nearly the amount of electricity that they can when they're clear. Still, the annual amount of production lost to snow is quite small, and several factors help to clear the panels quickly. First, they're sloped so they shed snow quite well. Second, they're dark colored and face the sun, so they absorb its warmth. Snow isn't good for electricity production, but its overall effect is quite small.

Many commercial operations are saving significantly with solar, so if you'd rather keep thousands of dollars in your bank account than send them off to the power company, call Trifecta Solar today for a Free Analysis of your solar potential.