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Renewable Energy, Solar Power Systems and Solar Panel Installation for Lancaster, York, PA, Harrisburg, Berks County, King of Prussia, PA and Surrounding Areas

Are Your Energy Bills Too High?

Then It's Time For A Solar Energy System from Trifecta Solar

In just one hour, the sun sends more energy to Earth than all the people and all the industries industries on our planet use in an entire year. Now, thanks to solar electric systems, you can harness that energy, become your own electric company, and save BIG $$$ for many years to come. Because of recent breakthroughs in solar electric panels and technology, solar power is now very affordable, and it's an excellent investment for homeowners, business owners, and farmers.

Installing a solar energy system from Trifecta Solar can bring you immediate savings and lock in your electric rates for decades, so call the solar contractors at Trifecta to learn how the sun can save you money and improve your life. Trifecta Solar is headquartered in eastern Lancaster County, and our service area extends roughly 75 miles in every direction.

At the race track, hitting the trifecta is always a long shot, but when you're investing in solar energy, Trifecta Solar is always a sure thing.

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solar helps to protect our environment by eliminating the production of co2
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"Trifecta solar installed solar on my home and I was very happy with the total installation. I am a fussy person and announced that before the install began, Elam was very knowledgable and thorough in the installation, and was joy to work with, he has a quiet confidence that assured me throughout the install. The finished product is of high quality, that I am very pleased with. I highly recommend this company as being reputable and fair and very good to work with."
- Jerry Leahy