Solar Panels for Sale in Berks County, Harrisburg, King of Prussia, PA, Lancaster, York PA and Surrounding Communities

What if you could do just one thing to increase your home’s market value, earn substantial tax credits, significantly cut your electric bill, and reduce your carbon footprint? You can!

Trifecta Solar, a leading solar panel installer based in Lancaster County, has a large selection of solar panels for sale. Our outstanding service and expertise, combined with our reasonable prices for solar panels and installation, make generating your own solar power a practical and affordable choice. Trifecta helps homeowners throughout southern Pennsylvania save money on their electric bills while creating clean, renewable energy.

Net Metering to Recoup Solar Panel Cost in Harrisburg, York, & Berks County

Solar panels are an investment that will yield a return for many years to come. Not only do they boost the market value of your home—on average, adding about $15,000 to the sale price—but they markedly decrease the money you pay every month to your local Berks County electric company.

Better yet, through a process called net metering, you can sell the power you don’t use back to the electric company. In exchange for the excess power your solar panels generate, the electric company can give you credit for the power you use at night, when your solar panels are not actively converting solar energy into electricity. So, even when the sun has set in York and Harrisburg, and your solar panels are not directly generating power, the overall solar panel cost can be reduced by credits for power generated in the daytime.

Solar Panels Can Mean Reduced Rates for Homeowners in Lancaster & King of Prussia

Renewable Energy

Some electric companies will charge a higher rate for consumers who use more power. If solar panels from Trifecta Solar are generating the bulk of the electricity you use in your Lancaster home, your electric company may charge you a lower rate for the power they do supply.

When you buy solar panels from Trifecta Solar for your house in King of Prussia, you become eligible for tax credits—including a direct 30% federal tax credit. With the average tax credits applied, your solar panel cost could be reduced by about a dollar per watt.

The price of solar power per kilowatt hour is generally 25% lower than conventional energy from an electric power supplier. Ten years after your solar panels are installed, the savings on your electric bill will have essentially paid for your solar power system. Net savings over the life of your system can turn the initial solar panel cost into thousands of dollars of profit.

Solar Panels: Clean Energy for Southern Pennsylvania Homes

Pennsylvania is striving to get at least 18% of its power from renewable sources by the year 2021. Environmentally conscious homeowners throughout York, Lancaster, King of Prussia, Harrisburg, and Berks County can help meet this statewide goal and shrink their carbon footprints with the solar panels Trifecta Solar has for sale.

For a free quote on solar panels for your home, call Trifecta Solar at (717) 314-9821. You can also email our founder, Lancaster County native Elam Beiler, at We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect solar panels for your southern Pennsylvania home!