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Renewable EnergyBusinesses in the South Central Pennsylvania town of Lancaster rely on the unparalleled customer service and solar installation expertise of Trifecta Solar for all their renewable energy needs. Locally owned and operated, Trifecta Solar is one of the leading solar companies in Lancaster County.

Solar Installation

Savvy business owners in Lancaster are always looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and get the greatest return on their business investments. When you choose Trifecta Solar for your solar panel installation, you can feel confident that the solar installation will be performed correctly and efficiently—and you’ll reap the benefits of renewable energy for years to come.

Renewable Energy

Reduce your business’s carbon footprint while taking advantage of the sun’s renewable energy. With a solar installation from Trifecta Solar, you can enjoy years of bountiful solar energy. A solar installation is virtually maintenance-free. It’s also an investment that lasts, on average, over three decades.

Show your customers your commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship when you get a cutting-edge solar installation from Trifecta Solar. If you have a manufacturing plant in Lancaster, you can use all of that expansive roof space for a power-generating solar installation.

Create a new stream of income when your solar installation from Trifecta Solar generates excess power—and you sell that power back to the local utility through a net metering arrangement. Your business may also be eligible for additional discounts and tax credits, such as the federal solar energy tax credit.

Home Solar Systems

In South Central Pennsylvania, the Conestoga River zigzags its way up from the Susquehanna along the east side of Lancaster city. Widely known for its nearby discount factory outlet centers, such as Tanger Outlets and Rockvale Outlets, the heart of Lancaster City combines history and modern life with the beauty of municipal parks.

Trifecta Solar is pleased to offer its renewable energy solutions to the business community of Lancaster. Lancaster entrepreneurs keep the city lively with craft breweries, crêperies, coffee roasters, and co-working spaces like the Lancaster Creative Factory. The bustling Central Market, the oldest public farmers’ market in America, has been in continual operation since 1730. Lancaster-based manufacturers of specialty brushes, machinery, power tools, and fasteners proudly equip craftsmen for their work.

With renewable energy systems and quality solar installation, Trifecta Solar supplies the power your business needs to succeed. To discover how Trifecta Solar can make renewable energy work for your business, call us today at (717) 314-9821.