2 Things to Consider with Solar Installation in King of Prussia, Berkes County and Surrounding Areas

Renewable EnergyAre you thinking of installing solar panels?  But you are worried about the cost? Worry not; Trifecta Solar can prove solar installation to be an excellent investment in the long run. Elam Beiler, founder of Trifecta, himself worked as a solar panel installer for almost a decade before starting his own company in 2015. So, he has acquired immense knowledge and experience in this field. He gathered a team of well-trained and dedicated solar professionals, who take it upon themselves to educate you on the benefits of solar energy. Our system ensures hassle-free installation, as our panels do not have any moving parts, which also make it low on maintenance. We are based out of Lancaster, King of Prussia, and Berks County where snowing being a common phenomenon, does not hinder the production of electricity considerably, as our panels are made of a material where the snow would slide off instead of accumulating.
Below we have mentioned a few things to consider while installing solar panels. Take a look.

  • Place of Installation

The solar panels have to be placed in the spot which receives the maximum sunlight, to generate as much solar energy as possible. It could be the roof or the ground, both having its own advantages. The panels fit seamlessly on the roof and are also quicker to install. But a ground mounted system will cover more area and can be much bigger, thus generating more energy.

  • Can You DIY It?

Solar panel installation is best left to the professionals. Doing it yourself is a bad idea, as it involves handling electricity, which can be dangerous if you are not adept at it. Two other problems if the system is not installed by a licensed contractor are:

  • You won’t be able to enjoy the energy tax credits and rebates
  • You will not receive any warranty on your product.

So, you can get in touch with us if you want your system sized and installed safely.